I Am Temple / Sisterhood of the Rose / Prepare For Change / Meditations On-The-Go

Website: http://iamtemple.org | Email: prepareforchangetoronto@gmail.com

Hi there!

We are a small focused meditation group, aligned with the Resistance Movement, who meet-up physically every week to transmute all the doings of the dark cabal through live meditations and light hearted initiatives; such as mantras, chanting, drumming, singing, laughing yoga, etc.
We also have an online meditation platform where we host the worldwide mass-meditations initiated by the Light Forces; a vast group of beings of various extra-terrestrial origins.

If you’d like to join our group in real life, or want to find out more info about our group(s), check out our blog: iamtemple.org/ or email us: prepareforchangetoronto at the gmail dot com
If you’d like to join our group online, use this link: teasy.space/meditation/

Don’t be afraid, be well and see you soon!


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